Yesterday, I attended the day long Git Merge conference. It was also nice to see some familiar faces at the event. When I got there, I was amazed by breakfast spread. I started off my day with a tasty veggie breakfast burrito and sencha tea. As someone who can’t drink coffee, I love when there are tea options.

I had an awesome time and also learned a lot. The speakers had very diverse perspectives about whether people should learn git the Command Line way or through a GUI platform. There were also plenty of breaks between talks and workshops.

My favorite training workshop was “Get out of (almost) Anything with Git” led by Allen Smith. It was hands-on so we could work on the repo as we followed along. One of the things I liked was how he addressed the git merge and git rebase debate by providing examples of why one may be used over the other. When I first started learning about git, some just told me to avoid rebase because bad things could happen so I assumed I’d probably never use it. At this workshop, I learned it could be useful depending on the structure of the Git team at a company.

During the afternoon talks, Saeed Noursalehi from Microsoft expressed that git rebase was frequently used by them due to the size of the team working from the same repo. After coding for nearly a year now, I’ve learned that there are so many debate camps over what’s a better practice but in reality a few of these things tend to be rather subjective.

I must give a major shoutout to #WOCinTechChat for making it possible for me to attend this event. THANK YOU! I’m looking forward to attending the next one.

Also, here’s a detailed blog post from GitHub about the conference.