Yesterday, I attended GDG NYC’s Google I/O Extended Event. It began at 5pm and ended at 9pm. I really appreciated the fact that the organizers put this together because I couldn’t attend Google I/O in Mountain View, CA due to finance restraints. However, next year if I get an Google I/O invite ticket, I’ll be ready to fly there! :D

One of the biggest announcements was new Firebase. When I attended a Firebase Workshop at Google HQ last year, we created a web project using Twilio. Now Firebase can be use for web, iOS, and Android. At the Google I/O Extended Event, they highly recommended that we watch Firebase’s Zero-to-App YouTube presentation. In the video, they created a project using all three.

And last but certainly not least, the Google Developer Certification for Android announcement. I can’t say I’ve ever been this excited about an exam. Since I’m self-taught, I love the idea of being able to test my level of proficiency and skill by passing the Associate Android Developer exam.

For the Associate Android Developer exam preparation, the site recommends the online course Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals developed by Google and Udacity or taking General Assembly’s Android immersive course.