Tonight was another awesome night of hands-on learning. At the Write/Speak/Code NYC event, we had Courteney Ervin discussing “Breaking into Open Source.” Technical recruiters and people hiring developers always say “contribute to open source” but the practice is quite daunting as a beginner. Where do you look? What if I’m not advanced enough? These are questions that have entered my mind which led me to three different meetups about open source. Courtney started off by giving us a small writing assignment of why wanted to contribute to open source and why we haven’t. We were free to share our thoughts aloud if we chose to. This exercise helped us get ready for the repository she created that we could work on issues from.

We went through the process of forking and cloning the project then using ‘git remote add’ on the her current project. It has been a while since I’ve had to use that command but it’s the one that will always make sure you have the most up-to-date project especially when you’re working with a team. After all, work doesn’t halt if Mark or Samantha decide to go to Iceland for the week.

For using GitHub/search for projects, Courteney listed some of these hashtags:

  • #help wanted
  • #first-timers-only
  • #text only
  • #up-for-grabs
  • #jump-in
  • #easy

These sites CodeMontage and Contributor Covenant were also mentioned as good places to start. This event energized me and I now have a specific goal in mind for a project I would like to contribute to before the end of this year.