At 6:00 in the morning, I rolled out of bed wondering why I chose the earliest volunteer shift at NYC Uncubed. As a morning person, I managed to shake off the sleepiness pretty quick. It was raining a bit which was fine by me. After all, I enjoy jogging in the rain! ;) We unloaded packs of water and boxes. I would say the trickest portion was putting up the signage for the sponsoring companies. A team of three of us took on this task. Though we had a blank wall, it had clearly been through some previous events which involved tiny tacks and some spackling paste. Despite the wall’s lumpiness, we were able to make the signage look awesome with the help of a gigantic ladder, some insight from each other, and Uncubed staff. When the V.I.P. guests came in, it was nice to see a few familiar faces. I assisted in V.I.P. area until my shift ended. Once I was done, I went into job mode which also included a bit of a wardrobe change.

When I’m attending a job fair, I do a ton of research and prep work. This time around Uncubed’s scheduling app really helped me figure out the best way to approach this. I saved each company I wanted to speak with about job positions then browsed for a bit to chat with companies that weren’t on my list. Though I’m focused on Android development, I’ve been doing a deeper dive into Core Java concepts not needed for mobile. I like the idea of being able to leverage either skill or both depending on the job. Prior to studying mobile, I did studied some Ruby and JavaScript. As a developer, I want to feel confident that I can do whatever job is necessary in whatever programming language a company uses to get the job done.

After NYC Uncubed, I walked over to Alley thinking on a rainy Friday it would be empty. I was definitely wrong. It was a full house but as usual quiet enough to get work done. As you can see, there are finally more of my posts are finally out of the drafts folder so I consider that progress.