Recently, I became an Event Organizer for Write/Speak/Code NYC Chapter. I’ve been a member of this meetup group since it began. I always meet amazing people and learn a lot at the events. “Write/Speak/Code is on a mission to empower women software developers to become thought leaders, conference speakers, and open source contributors. We run conferences, meetups, and events across the US.”Source: W/S/C About page

I’ll be working closely with a small group of organizers that I admire. As someone just starting out in tech, they inspire me to continue to push myself forward even when I have a couple days of self-doubt. Since Write/Speak/Code NYC is celebrating it’s one-year anniversary, we have combined this celebration with a special panel of senior tech women. At first, I was a bit nervous reaching out to people I didn’t know well. I only contacted women I met in-person at tech events. Everyone was extremely nice even when they couldn’t attend due to schedule conflicts and a few asked to be kept in mind for future events.

As a developer, I feel that being involved on a community level in tech is as important as finding a company I’m passionate about working for.